Life Lessons begin when we Want out of a Pose

Going deep is the key to practising asana and the reality is that it’s also the key to truly living a happy life.  Asanas teach us to tune and and listen to what is happening. However, most of us want to get out just when the tough part begins.  As soon as our hamstrings start to feel the burn or shoulders start to ache, we begin to ease up and draw back. Isn’t this what happens in our lives?

When we start to feel uncomfortable in our situations or recognize an unwanted curve ball coming our way we immediately back up and try to get out of the way.  None of us truly want to go deep into our issues and deal with them.  We want to hide, complain or go over and over in our minds with self-pity, avoid or reject what is happening to us.

Whether it’s an unwanted job issue, a troubled relationship or just misery over where we are at; we don’t like to face it.  Our human condition is to find an immediate fix that could make things worse without contemplation or to avoid it all together and hope it goes away. What we need to realize is that going through things and sitting in them experiencing all the pain, anger and frustration allows us to learn from it, authentically fix it with heart when the time is right and gives us the opportunity to open better pathways to happiness.

Poses in our yoga practice work the same way.  How often do we cringe when we know the yoga teacher is coming up to a pose we just don’t like. Funny, how we reach for the water bottle at that moment or take a break.  We just avoid going where we don’t want to feel uncomfortable.  If we continue to avoid the poses that will never disappear how will we ever conquer them and truly learn to enjoy them?

Going deep into the feelings we don’t want to experience can teach us to to cope and can teach us the truth about our “why” for avoidance.  It’s at that brink of pain that we truly see the dark and light between happiness and misery.  We need to learn to sit into our discomfort and just experience being there.  But how do we do that when we aren’t conditioned to handle things that way?  Start with your poses.  Start going into the physical body of discomfort and stay there. When you want out, just stay there. Simple.  When your head says get me out I hate this, tune into your heart and tell yourself this is temporary and I will grow from this.  A few minutes of burning hamstrings can lead to a lifetime of happiness.  That transitions to life when you find your self saying I hate what is happening to me or why me, you learn to say wait, this is temporary and if I just stay here and embrace it, I will grow into a better me.  A happier me.

By Dorothy Guerra

Director of Yoga Network of Canada, Host of Let’s Get Loud Now TV Media, 365 TV Network





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Yoga, your Body and the Universe


Yoga is the Secret Practice to Attract What You Want and Live in Abundance

How often do you get what you want? Do you have a life plan destined for abundance? When you start practising the powerful concepts of Yoga, you will realize all the things that you desire are already yours… YES, it is true! In order to live your dreams as reality you must make sure you are lining up your thoughts with your actions and creating harmony with the universe. This harmony is called the law of attraction and is the most important factor to getting what you want or receiving abundance. This concept implies that what you think, the universe hears and makes your reality. However, don’t be so quick to think your dreams away! What you think is not enough. The Universe is not a mind reader. You must focus on your thoughts, the emotions you stir up from them and actions you take as a result. The cycle of thinking, feeling and doing must be in sync and energetically connected to the universe for the law of attraction to work in your favour.

The problem with human existence is that we tap into our physical experiences as our reality, what we see around us is our truth, our permanent existence.   We call this the ego. The ego is a force that acts like a wall between life as you know it and life as you want it to be. Your ego will make you believe that this is all there is for you. The first step to conquering ego and living your dreams is to understand that there is something bigger than you that you cannot touch or see. But if you work the forces of the law of attraction, you will learn how to feel it. The universe connects to us through sensory energy levels called charka energy centres. They must be open and in full harmony to achieve abundance. These chakras are 7 major centres that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Most people don’t know these charkas exist and this is where the law of attraction breaks down and having a dream becomes just that, only a dream. Constantly yearning for change or hoping for something better to fall at your feet causes dissatisfaction, isolation and depression. To want without action is to suffer. Does this sound familiar to you?

Every one of your thoughts creates an emotion and those emotions will either help you or hurt you depending on whether or not they move you towards harmony or distract you from your dream. Your emotions do not vanish, they are stored in one of the 7 energy centres of the body and the universe listens to them. The first step towards abundance is to understand what happens to those emotions and how they control your destiny. As we uncover charka power and learn how to use our bodies as the bridge to the universe we begin to make a connection to our soul power, we start using that power to speak to the universe where abundance is waiting for you.

The question is how do we start creating harmony with the universe? The answer is has been in our world since 5000 B.C., the practice of Yoga. Yoga is often misrepresented in the western world as a physical modality of exercise to create optimum flexibility and relieve stress. The secret of yoga is not to see or feel your body in physical form but to see it in its death. This seems a little weird, I get that! But, the truth is that your physical body is not permanent, it is only an instrument that allows you to function on earth in this egotistical reality. Your true body is deep within the physical body. The accumulation of all your experiences, accomplishments, failures, desires have created emotions and the energy of those emotions form your true body. These emotions are stored in a holding pattern spinning within our chakra centres. If you learn to use yoga as a means to connecting the deeper body to the laws of the universe you begin to discover self-inflicted habits and constraining patterns that cause your life to stagnate. When we understand ourselves, we can change what is not working for us and begin to manifest abundance. Our accomplishment in achieving abundance is within our ability to use each charka to its highest emotional development.

Yoga asana enables us to manipulate the energy centres through postures and movement. We release tension and negativity from our body and open blocked chakras.   Meditation and affirmation, while practising postures helps clear charka centres and encourage balance and harmony. Once we are in control of our emotions, we can take control of what comes into our lives. This is a simple and foolproof body system to making dreams reality. When you begin to understand how these yoga techniques work and start to use your body as the bridge to the universe, you will notice your life changing but more so every time you step onto the yoga mat your practice will change you. You will notice your powerful ability to have what you want, when you want it, abundantly.   The Law of attraction will manifest in your favor, as your body becomes the voice the universe hears. Learning to practice with purpose is the key to abundance. You can’t receive something if you don’t know what it is that you want. The secret to yoga postures is to use them to work through each chakra centre.  By combining meditation to movement we teach ourselves to apply action to dreaming. Your dreams must be clear and your connection to the universe must be strong; this happens by knowing what you want, creating a plan, acting on it, loving it, speaking it, seeing it and trusting that it already exists. Use your yoga practice as your guide to what is happening in your life. Postures stir up energy and emotions; take the time to listen and to connect to that energy. Is what you’re feeling in line with what you want. Is your attitude reflecting your desire for abundance? Life can overtake you emotionally and it is easy to get caught up in things that don’t hold too much value in fulfilling your dreams. Come back to the mat and take the time to reflect and do the exercise here for chakra balance check. When you are positive, feeling harmony in mind, body, spirit you can be sure the universe is getting a clear signal and abundance is yours!


Connecting to Chakra Energy Centres through Yoga Practice

(This exercise can be done with different postures that correspond to chakra spaces, be sure to counter pose and do what is necessary for a safe practice)

This is a grounding exercise, a meditation to let go and come into a place where you can be non judgemental and allow yourself to recognize how you feel and check in with your emotions. Where are you in your life? Do you get a sense of needing change or wanting more? What is it that brings on these emotions?   Ask your selves these questions before yoga practice to get a sense of where the balance in your life is. Then apply this meditative thought during practice.

Take Lotus Pose, focus on the root chakra – inhale softly to this place in the perineum. See the colour red -moving deep into the body and filling this space. Feel the connecting to the earth through your sitz bones. Allow yourself to be with any emotion that may stir up. In this space allow yourself to find your centre, sense of security, be grounded and still, on the next exhale, release into the root chakra. Ask yourself what is that you want?

Now, move into child’s pose, breathe into the sacral plexus, the space located below the belly button. Focus on releasing the hips to the heels. See the color orange – be with any emotion that evolves, this is our space of creation, the womb that creates life, your life, the life around you, we attach to what we want to create here, and we defend from this space. Breathe life into your creativity. How can you create what you want?

Now move into Downward Facing Dog, breathe into your solar plexus, the space above the belly button. Lift one leg at a time off the floor and ignite the fire within you. See the colour yellow this space is where we transform and heal. This is our gut instinct that fires our motivations, we use will power and see fear, we battle worry and pain. We must heal before we can transform to a greater being.   What needs to heal in your life so that you can move forward towards your dream?

Now come to standing, take Triangle (working each side separately), breathe into your heart centre, the space in the centre of the chest. Breathe the colour green – fill the chest cavity loving energy. In this space we find love, self love. If we do not know how to self love we easily fall prey to external hatred and anger. If we don’t love ourselves we may become attached to a love outside of us that we cling to for happiness and it becomes harmful. How much do you love yourself? How worthy are you to receive abundance?

Release to the mat and take Camel, start to breathe into the throat centre, the space in the centre of the throat. Breathe in the colour blue. This is your voice, this space represents our ability to communicate and speak freely. Notice any discomfort, do you have a voice, do you suffocate at speaking your truth, are you honest with your words so the universe can hear. Tell the universe what you want.

Now, sliding forward take crocodile, inhale into your brow chakra. This is your third eye, located between the brows. Breathe in the color indigo.   Allow this color to nestle into the mind. We think therefore we are, we perceive therefore we know, we can invent opportunities or scheme an illusion, we need to be in control of this space and use it to better ourselves, sit with any thoughts and emotions and recognise if you use the power of your mind to help move you in a positive direction or does it hold you back. Can you see your dreams unfolding as you are right now?

Move onto your back and take savasana, inhale into your crown chakra. This space is at the top of the head and surrounds you. Breathe in the color white. This is the place where divine holds the power, it is where we seek truth, trust and faith, it is the energy space that is bigger than our physical reality. We learn to practice mindfulness to help us open up to the universe, this is the place willing to give us anything we want as long as we are aligned and ready to receive its greatness, the ultimate question is what does that place represent to you? What is your divine power, what is your universe? Do you believe it is ready to give you what you want?

On the next inhalation move the breath through the body and create a sense of wholeness, let go and surrender, no judgements and just be learn the energy of the present moment within you. Move your fingers and toes and start to recognize the energy moving into the physical body. Can you feel the difference between physical body and deep emotional body?

by Dorothy Guerra

Director, Yoga Network of Canada